How to tell if a guy likes you: 38 signs he has a crush on you

How do you know if a guy likes you? He may be acting friendly and flirty towards you, but how can you know if that’s just his personality? You want to know if he has a crush on you rather than just being someone who hits on every other woman he meets.

It can be pretty hard to figure out if the attention a guy is giving you is genuine. Hopefully, this guide can give you some clarity.


  1. Signs a guy likes you
  2. How can you tell if a coworker likes you?
  3. Does your best friend like you?
  4. How to be sure whether or not a guy friend likes you

38 signs a guy likes you

When a guy has a crush on you, his behavior towards you will usually change. However, it can be difficult to figure out. He may be acting nervous because he’s shy or flirty because he’s friendly and outgoing.

Here are the best signs to help you tell if a guy has a crush on you or not.

1. He stares at you

You probably know how hard it is not to look at someone you like. Prolonged eye contact without talking is a big tell that a guy likes you.

But to be fair, it’s common for guys to stare at any girl they find attractive. And it’s an easy way for him to show his interest without having to approach you. But who knows, he might even have a secret crush on you.

2. He mirrors you

Mirroring means that his body language, posture, or even what he’s saying reflects what you said or did.

Examples of mirroring:

  • When you take a sip of your glass, he also takes a sip of his glass
  • When you cross your legs, he crosses his legs
  • When you get very animated/passionate in a conversation, he also gets animated
  • When you lean in, he also leans in
  • When you laugh, he laughs

Note that mirroring is done subconsciously when he has a good rapport with you. But it can also be done consciously if he wants to impress or bond with you. It’s a great sign either way.

3. He added you on social media

Adding you on social media means he wants to keep in contact with you and might be interested in you. This is also good because now you can more easily start a conversation with him online.

4. His texts are longer than yours

If his texts are about the same length or longer than yours, that’s great. It’s especially good if they’re longer than yours.

If he usually gives short answers compared to you, that’s a bad sign. When you’re giving him long replies but not getting the same in return, it means you’re probably too eager.

In that case, it’s good to step back a bit and try to match him better. Keep in mind that some people are naturally better at others at texting.

5. He teases you

Most forms of teasing (even mean teasing) are usually a sign he’s interested in you. It means he’s trying to create a flirty vibe between you and that he wants a reaction from you.

Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to tease him back! 😉

6. He’s leaning in

If he’s leaning in toward you, that shows he wants to get closer to you (or he’s really passionate about what he’s saying). When a guy has a crush on you, it can feel like he’s magnetically drawn to you.

7. He’s getting physically close to you

If you’re in a conversation and you feel like he’s edging closer to you, or as if he’s almost uncomfortably too close to you, that’s a good sign. He may be attracted to you and wants to feel physically and mentally closer to you.

Note that different cultures have different “personal spaces.” So, if he’s from a different culture than you, see how close he gets to others to see if it’s just you.

8. He offers you a massage

This is one of the most obvious tells that a guy likes you. Offering a massage is a nice thing to do, but it’s also a smooth way for a guy to get you both touching each other. (Remember to offer him one back if you like him!)

9. He smiles at you

If he’s smiling toward you from afar, that’s an invitation to approach him. (I’m assuming you didn’t just forget to put your pants on when leaving home.)

If he’s smiling toward you when you’re in a conversation, that’s a sign he likes you. Especially if he has a light smile while you’re not even joking.

10. He’s giving you mixed signals

Mixed signals are really tricky to interpret and can make anyone confused. But in most cases, they do mean he’s interested in you. Here are the most common reasons why he’s giving you mixed and confusing signals.

Nine reasons why he’s giving you mixed signals:

  1. He doesn’t want to come off as too eager
  2. He’s shy
  3. He’s nervous and insecure
  4. He’s afraid of seeming desperate
  5. He’s afraid you’ll reject him
  6. He’s inexperienced in flirting
  7. He’s following some weird rules or pick-up tips he’s read
  8. He’s just flirting with you (because flirting is all about giving mixed signals)
  9. He likes the attention or validation he gets from you but isn’t really interested in you

Giving mixed signals may mean a guy likes you, but it doesn’t mean he’d make a good partner. If someone sometimes ignores you or is mean to you, you should avoid dating even if you have a mutual crush on each other. You deserve a partner who won’t have you second-guessing yourself.

11. He compliments you

Getting a compliment from a guy your age is a good sign. If he’s giving you compliments about how pretty you are, it’s an even better sign.

It can be hard to tell a friendly compliment from a romantic one because they can sound exactly the same. To know for sure, look for other signs he’s also giving you or describe your situation in the comments below.

12. His pupils are large

If his pupils get large when you’re in a conversation, you’re doing something right. This one is quite subtle because pupil size is primarily determined by light levels, but secondarily attraction can also increase pupil size.

13. He makes eye contact with you

When a guy has a crush on you, it can be so hard for him to keep his eyes off of you. You can notice this if he’s holding eye contact with you for slightly too long.

It can almost feel a little weird or intense when it happens. And that’s great (if you like him).

14. He looks at you with open body language

This sign is most useful at a place with some background music, for example, at a bar or a club.

If he’s moving in rhythm with the background music and at the same time looking at you, that’s a sign he’s attracted to you. Dancing like that and looking at you is an inviting form of body language. That tells you he wants your attention and is trying to get you to make a move.

15. He straightens his posture

Is he straightening his back and standing up more straight? It means he’s a bit self-conscious when hanging out near you and wants to make a good impression.

It’s not a strong sign because most single guys want to make a good impression on attractive girls. But if you see it together with many other signs, it means more.

16. He faces you in group situations

If he’s facing you more often than he’s facing others in a group, that’s a sign he’s into you and values you more than others in the group. This is especially telling if you’re not the one talking the most in the group.

17. His feet are pointing towards you

If his feet are pointing toward you, that’s a sign in the same line as if his body is facing you. He’s subconsciously focused on you, which makes his feet point toward you.

18. He fiddles with his clothes or accessories

This could be because of nervosity, but it can also be because he wants to look good in front of you. It’s a classic sign of attraction.

19. His palms face you

If the palms of his hands are pointed in your direction, he might be interested in you. It’s a small sign, but it’s still positive because it’s part of his open and welcoming body language toward you.

20. He touches you when you touch him

For example, if you touch his arm, does he touch you in a similar area later on in the conversation? If he does reciprocate your touch, that’s a great sign.

If he’s shy or inexperienced, he might not feel comfortable touching you back, even if he has a crush on you.

21. He is extra touchy with you

A good tell he likes you is if he’s touching you unusually much compared to others.

Common areas to touch are arms, shoulders, back, hands, or thighs. Hands or thighs are usually more intimate if he touches those.

22. You have “peripheral physical contact”

Peripheral physical contact is when some parts of your body are in contact with each other when you are doing something else.

A good example is when you’re both sitting down, and your thighs barely touch each other.

This kind of passive physical contact means a lot and can build a lot of suspense and attraction. It’s the best feeling being close to someone you got a crush on.

23. He gives you more of his attention than others

The more attention he gives you, the more interested he usually is in you. Compare this to how much attention he gives to other girls also hanging out with him or in the same group as you.

For example, If you’re in a group and he seems to direct most of his attention toward you. It could be that he’s asking you lots of questions or that he’s laughing more than others at your jokes. Or just listening more intently to you.

24. He blushes when you talk or make eye-contact

He might just be shy, but he’s probably a bit extra self-conscious around you because he likes you. This makes him blush around you.

Social anxiety can also cause blushing. But it’s still a great sign.

25. He seems to look in your direction from far away

Guys can be a bit sneaky when they want to check you out. They can make it seem like they’re only looking in your direction or just grazing you with their eyes. And if he has sunglasses, it’s even harder to know if he’s checking you out.

So if he’s looking in your direction, especially if he does it several times, he’s probably checking you out.

26. He keeps the conversation going

What happens when there’s a pause in the conversation or if you stop talking? If he seems eager to get the conversation going again, that’s good. If he lets the conversation die out or excuses himself, he may not be that interested (unless he’s just shy).

If you have problems with the conversation dying out, check out this guide on keeping the conversation going with a guy.

27. He quickly replies when you text or message him

A quick reply is a good sign he likes you. Also, if he replies with several texts to your one text, that’s even better.

However, if he likes you, he may also delay his replies to avoid seeming needy or desperate. But as long as he replies, it’s all good. If he’s slow to reply, it could just mean he’s busy, or he doesn’t like texting, so don’t read too much into it.

28. He texts or calls first

Is he the one initiating contact, or are you? If he is, that probably means he’s interested in you.

But if he never calls or texts first, that shows a lack of interest. In that case, it can be good to take a step back to see if he will take initiative. If you’re always so quick to take initiative, he might never even have a chance to do it first.

29. He texts you often

Compare this to how often you text him. He’s eager if he’s texting more often than you, and you’re more eager if you’re the one texting more often. If he’s sending you several texts in a row without a reply, it’s a stronger sign.

30. He becomes awkward in a conversation with you

Does he stammer, stutter, or otherwise become awkward with you? This could mean that he feels shy or self-conscious around you. When a guy likes you, it’s common that he gets a bit extra flustered when talking to you. That’s because he gets uncomfortable and doesn’t want to mess up in front of you. It’s kind of cute, isn’t it?

31. He doesn’t back off if you get a bit too close

If he doesn’t even flinch when you get a bit too close to his personal space, that’s a sign he wants you close to him.

If you take a step closer, and he backs off by a step, that’s a sign he’s a bit more reserved toward you.

32. He talks about things he wants to do with you

Planning or mentioning things he wants to do with you in the future strongly indicates some sort of interest, romantic or platonic.

Example: If you’re talking about a newly opened restaurant, they say “We should go there someday!” or “I’ll show you how amazing that place is!”

33. He’s happy to discover you have something in common

If he’s happy, that’s good. This sign is extra strong if it’s something very trivial, such as you living in the same part of town, being the same age, or you both like pizza. For more tips, check out this guide on how to talk to a guy you like.

Example: You discover that you both grew up in the same city, and he gets really excited about it even if it’s no big deal.

34. He asks you personal questions

Personal questions are telling you that he wants to know more about you and is interested in you. The more he asks, the better.

Example: Asking about your plans for the future, your childhood, or your favorite food.

35. He asks you about your plans

Asking about your plans for the day or weekend might just be empty small talk, but it could also be him trying to open a window where you can meet again and hang out. It’s more likely it’s a sign of interest if he brings it up near the end of the conversation.

36. He tries to make you jealous

This is a strong sign he’s interested in you. But it’s also a sign he’s emotionally immature and manipulative. I would avoid someone acting like that. You deserve to be treated with respect.

37. He’s told his family about you

This one is most relevant once you’ve already started dating. But it’s such a huge sign of interest (and approval) that I think it’s worth mentioning. It’s even bigger if he’s from a culture where approval from the family is important.

If he’s told his family, it means he is visualizing and planning a future with you. Congrats!

38. He stays to talk with you even though his friends have left

This is a big tell. If you’re in some sort of group conversation with him and his friends, and all his friends leave, but he stays – he’s probably into you. It still might not be a romantic interest if you just have a great conversation and have lots in common.

An example could be when you’re at a party, and all his friends leave to get a bite to eat, but he stays with you.

How can you tell if a coworker likes you?

At work, It can be hard to tell if a coworker is flirting with you or just being friendly. Usually, guys play it safer at work because he doesn’t want to create any awkward situations if he would be rejected. So, he might be probing to see if you like him before he gives you any clear signs of interest.

Six ways to tell if a coworker likes you:

  1. He comes over to talk with you as often as possible
  2. He often teases you
  3. It seems like he’s flirting, but you’re not really sure
  4. He tries to hang out near you when possible
  5. He tries to be funny when he’s near you
  6. He’s eager to do any work tasks where you work together
  7. He goes above and beyond to help you out at work
  8. He gets weird or stiff when he’s near you, but he’s normal with everyone else

How do you know if your best friend likes you?

Here are seven signs your best friend might have started liking you as more than a friend:

  1. He’s acting differently from how he usually behaves
  2. He seems jealous or dismissive of other guys you might like
  3. He’s suddenly extra touchy-feely
  4. He seems unusually interested in your interests
  5. He seems extra needy
  6. He’s told you he has feelings for you

If you’re still unsure, let me know about your situation in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help.

How do you know for sure if a guy friend is interested?

You can’t know for sure if a cute guy is interested based on a sign on this list. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Is he regularly showing you signs of interest?
  2. Does he act differently to others than to you? (So he’s not just flirty with everyone.)
  3. Has he shown any particularly strong signs of interest?
  4. Can you see any patterns in his behavior toward you?

Are you still unsure if he likes you?

Write down your situation in the comments below in as much detail as possible. That way, others can help you out by giving their opinion. I also expect you to help someone else by replying to their comment. We need to all pitch in and help each other.

Viktor is a Counselor specialized in interpersonal communication and relationships. He manages SocialSelf’s scientific review board. Follow on Twitter or read more.

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  1. He and I were in a Beauty and the Beast production together (we both love acting) and I thought he was really nice but am not sure if he likes me or not. He is a year older than me and I noticed that during rehearsals he would make eye contact with me on stage and whilst we were waiting for the next scene he would make funny comments to me, and always laugh if I made a joke on stage that wasn’t part of the script. Then, on the final reversal days and the opening nights especially I got really nervous, and he went aside from his friend to tell me stories about how he gets nervous too and tried to make me laugh. During the production, he kept trying to talk to me and just make little compliments about how good I was. In a group conversation, he directed his focus towards me a lot however I am not sure if that is just how he is with everyone or not.

  2. I work in a gym, and my boss and I both have partners, but at work I feel like there is a big attraction between us and everyone around us can feel this energy but neither we mention this nor the others because we are both taken and because he’s my boss at work. But the tension is always too high. We don’t flirt! But we give attention to each other at meetings or when we are in a group, he often plucks his T-shirt continuously and unconsciously when I am around, our looks at each other are just different. How can I be sure and not be just imagining things? And how can I stop it from growing?

  3. Ok so there’s this dude I work with but he in a different department then me I would see him everyday on break (we get three breaks ) so I would catch him staring at me and we made eye contact multiple times on breakAnd I was so nervous to talk to him or even ask for his name and then one day I grew some balls and asked for his name then the next day I had a small conversation with him etcSo one day I told him I find him very attractive mind you I was nervous af even saying tht and then he says “I don’t swing that way”So after that happened I stop talking to him and after he said that…he continues looking at me or looking my direction and once again we made eye contact after he said tht so is he gay or bi or Dl ? idk I’m confused

  4. Hey there,
    I hope you’ll answer this.
    Here’s the story (it’s pretty long, I hope you won’t mind).
    I’m sixteen and work at a local pool. I like this other guy (he’s turning seventeen soon) but I don’t know if he likes me. He often teases me and answers my texts after a few seconds, but at the same time I’m not sure if he actually likes me or is just really friendly. (Also I know he’s bi-I am too-but not how much he’s into guys versus girls.)

  5. He has recently told me that he likes me, and I like him back. but every time I ask him why he likes me he says that I don’t need to know that. And every time I feel like he shy’s away from the topic. And then he asks me why I like him, and I tell him the truth. So, I feel like he should be honest with me.

  6. My crush and i are best friends since 4 years. Wer’re in 6th grade (or year 7)
    rn, but in year 6 (5th grade) he was sudenly touchy-feely. ( he isn’t, normally) For example, he grabed my arm litteraly everytime. I also catched him looking at me during tests, when we wern’t allowed to put our head up. Everyone ( like really evryone no joke) tought we were a couple, while we were just best friends. , in tyhe first trimestry he ignored me a lot, but i thought like i been watched this whole time. and now, it’s like before, we talk together again, but he’s not touchy-feely.
    I know he never dated before, but he was in love with my friend ( but it was a while ago) and a girl that was new. We never talked about our crushes, he doesn’t even know i had one before! i wanna tell him i love him before Christmas Holiday, and it’s in 1 week for me! can someone tell me if he’s into me, and if yes, tell me how to say it?
    PS : sorry if i wrote bad, i’m french with no english parentage.

  7. What does it mean, when a guy suddenly stands next to me, much closer without touching & holding with prolonged eye contact without saying anything to me?

  8. I had a crush a long time ago and I thought it wouldn’t work as we never really talked or texted or anything and I was forgetting it. Then we got to work on a project together and we have been texting about that project with each other but other than that we don’t text. We also had a drink together and talked about random things about my future plans, and other stuff, and every time I talked he just listened and was laughing and giggling even though I didn’t think I was saying anything funny. I asked him why he is laughing and he said the way I talk and especially my accent and tone are funny ?. He is a very good guy, he is fun to be around him. He talks in a polite way when we are in a group, but when it’s just us, he is mixed, once polite and then makes fun of me and then argues with me, etc. I thought about telling him about my feelings but I don’t want to make it awkward. Please give me some advice on what to do.

    • I gave this boy in my grade that i have never talked to and a few days ago caught him looking over to where I was sitting and we don’t really talk a lot and when we do talk it’s just a few seconds and he always a little bit red and he smiles at me and a few days ago he was looking so sad so i wrote him a note to help him fell better and he’s been really happy every time i say something to him or if we talk and some of his friends say that they think he likes me and one of my friends had a crush on him be for she left so and he rejected her really badly so i don’t know if he likes me cuz he’s friends popular and can be mean some time so idk if it’s a joke or if he actually likes me or not cuz we just started being friends again

  9. So I have a crush on one of my colleagues, we work in HORECA. He’s a very kind and sweet person, anytime I need help or have a question he always lends his hand with a smile.
    He squeezes my shoulders a lot and gives me hugs whenever. Recently I had to leave and we just stood in the middle of the workspace, hugging each other. He’s a lot taller so whenever I look up he’d be smiling. He knows I like this one kind of read so he’d make it for me. And he even keeps a reminder of me in his phone case.
    I do like him, but we’ve never hung out outside of work before so I don’t really know what to think. Also, we do not message at all. But I can say right now that I feel really safe in his arms.
    I’m really a hopeless romantic

  10. So this guy I work with keeps smiling at me and keeping eye contact. Yesterday he was talking to me walking backward and backed into a post. He told me he was going out for a smoke on break, is this his way of asking to hang out more? He also trained me for a new job position and kept checking on me throughout the shift. Is he flirting or is it in my head?

  11. Hey, so I’ve liked this guy since high school, all of my friends and I myself were convinced the liked me back so I confessed that I like him, he giggled then and said nothing it was awkward for a day or two then we were back to being normal as if nothing happened. After a few months I dated a close friend of his. Cut to- years later we’ve started talking again and he’s asking about everything he has missed on being playful and sending mixed signals. A few days ago I posted a video of a girl not getting over an old crush because he texted again. He replied to that story and said damn relatable. I said he should go on and tell me its me he replied saying the same then I playfully told him it was him and he replied saying as soon as I saw this I thought this has to be addressed. I was confused and I said he hasn’t told me his yet and then he said ” I meant you.” Since then we have not talked about his he moved to a different country to study for a few years. Now did he mean if he was into me or if he is still into me? Also recently, I have been the one who always initiates the conversation should I stop?

  12. I have deep crush on a guy who is elder than me . When we first met, it was my tough times when my father was admitted to hospital for some health problems and he was the doctor in charge mainly responsible for my dad recovery. He gave me so much attention that I could feel his careful manners and kindness towards me and I’m still thankful to him for such a kind way of communication that he gave me during my tough times. I’m a person having personality of partly introvert and partly extrovert and I don’t give any attention to those I’m not interested in . But due to his kind voice and care, I’ve fallen for him. Btw I am also a medical student and that may be the reason why he cares about me and my dad than others .

    Later after hospital days, I contacted him through online platforms and we had a little close conversation but not daily as he has a daily busy schedule with his duty roster and because of that full schedule he couldn’t reply me that fast. Sometimes the reply lasts for two days .

    The one who texts first is always me and I don’t feel anything discomfort about it because what I care more is to have a continuous conversation , not to lose contact with him. Whenever he replies me, he pays respect me even though the age gap is considerable .

  13. I like a guy in school. He is one year senior than me. I have told him that I like him and he was polite about it. Immediately he responded with, “I broke up a few months ago, so nothing right now”. I said take care and that was it.
    After that from last week I started talking with him in WhatsApp and he replied. I’m also noticing some changes in him since we started talking, like earlier we both used to avoid each other but now that’s not happening. But he is not a text person and talking with him in school,face to face is difficult because his gang of friends are always with him. I’ve come to know he is not a guy easy to get. He is not very much interested in these things, unlike his friends. But he also one day asked in WhatsApp that if I still like him and said that he respects my feelings. But as I think talking with him casually is probably the right thing to do right now. Please help me out whoever you are. I have my exams coming and that boy is giving me no break. I just want a way out. My best friend even recommended to ask him, “Can I get my hopes high!?” Please tell me what am I supposed to do and if there’s any way for me to make him like me.

  14. What would you think it means if your in a professional sitting and the person says I like seeing you. I like our exchanges back and forth. Notices little details about me and has made comments about my eyebrows, hair and nails ect. Just not sure if just being friendly or what.

  15. I work at a gas station/ convenience store. My crush always gets coffee and lately his greetings have been more casual like saying “what’s up” instead of “good morning” or “hi”. He always asks how my day is going and we’ve chatted a little about who drinks the most coffee and his gaze always lingers a bit when he comes in and before leaving the counter. I feel chemistry but other than small talk we haven’t really been alone long enough to have a deeper conversation since he comes around coffee rush hour in the mornings. Not really sure how to figure out if he’s available or even interested without putting him on the spot

  16. Hi so I and this guy don’t talk a lot but he always agrees and his older brother asked for my social media we always stare at each other and sometimes smile but we never talk and he doesn’t seem to show interest he also knows I have a crush on him

  17. Well, this guy that I like is sort of doing these things. I’ve never spoken to him, like at all unfortunately, but neither has he, instead, he would try to make me laugh whenever he could I guess, and he also recently has been looking at me and smiling more than usual, so I’m kind of confused, I’m not sure if he does actually like me or not, because I’m like the type of person that overthinks alot so I don’t really know.

    I also had this idea of asking for his number, but I’m not sure if I should because I’ve barely spoken to him, but I’m not sure, I mean, I just wanted his number so I could speak to him without feeling weird, I just hate social interactions. I’m sorry, I just need some advice,

  18. I think a guy likes me but I’m not sure, every time l look at him he is always staring, but I’m still not sure if he likes me. My friend told him that l thought he was cute and he blushed. do you think he likes me?

  19. I’m not sure I am a other boy and I need know he is down for anything if I ask I just don’t know if I should tell him

  20. Hi I really like this guy at work, he’s only been working for a month now I hardly see him as he works in another shed but when I do see him we make eye contact or I get too shy and have to walk away from the whole attraction thing going on. I think he’s shy too we have never spoken he speaks to my co-workers but not me why??

    • I am female and I’ve had this with other guys, except I’m the one not talking! It can be intimidating to talk to someone you are attracted to. But I think that is normal in the beginning for some people, especially for those who are insecure. If you can find the courage, I would suggest you test the waters and see if you can spark a conversation. Comment on something about work or ask a question.

  21. So we sit in the same transport but then whenever he sits next to me I see him looking at me and then when I turn around he stops, then when he goes and sits in the front seat of the car I see him looking at me in the mirror and it’s so awkward but I just want him to be the first one to tell me he likes because I don’t wanna go to him and tell him I like him coz maybe he might reject me and I may seem as if I’m kind of desperate and the problem is his a bit older than me, I’m 13 and he’s 16, I don’t know if these are my hormones coz I’m a teen or if I like this guy and I started liking him since the last year 2021 when he first entered our transport and the other thing is that I’m not allowed to date coz I’m kinda young so that’s my problem, plz help if you can and notify me as soon as possible


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