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Leading publications trust SocialSelf’s expertise
Leading publications trust SocialSelf’s expertise Leading publications trust SocialSelf’s expertise

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Dan Wendler PsyD

“In an online social skills world full of so-called gurus peddling shallow and manipulative advice, SocialSelf stands apart.”

Daniel Wendler PsyD, Author, TEDx-Speaker, founder of ImproveYourSocialSkills.com.

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“This is so much more profound than I thought when I dreamt of a silver bullet to solve my conversation dead ends.” Read more.

Bianca Gelli, business owner from Brazil

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“[…] one thing it has done is completely eliminated awkward moments. And because I’m not putting on a mask, it’s not at all tiring.

In fact, I look forward to more interactions.”

Rakesh, studies engineering in India