Talk to Anyone With Confidence

Improve your conversation skills to get past shallow small talk and start building real connections.

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Say Goodbye to Outdated Selfhelp

Report an increase in self-confidence
Report an increase in social skills
Report improvement in their social anxiety
According to a survey of 819 SocialSelf members. Actor portrayal.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Selfhelp

Most run-of-the-mill advice doesn’t work. Go beyond platitudes like “Just be yourself”, “Just put yourself out there” and “Just try to have fun”.

Instead, learn from people who’ve made the journey themselves.

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Bypass Small Talk and Build Real Connections

With coworkers
With a date
With anyone you run into
Get past the “-How are you?” “-I’m good, how are you?” “-Good…” and build a real connections instead.

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With coworkers
With a date
With anyone you run into

Join a Community of Likeminded

Actual members. Images used with permission.

Join a Community of Likeminded

Program members get access to our community, the SocialSelf inner circle.

Share your successes and your challenges – and get support from others who walk along you toward the same goal.

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Member Stories

If it can make an extreme introvert like myself excited to meet strangers, these courses work!

I signed up for the courses because SocialSelf’s website was correct in explaining how…

Alice Chang

Mental Health Professional

New Jersey, USA

I felt like there was no hope for me, but it’s amazing to see the progress I’ve made.

I’ve been quiet for as long as I can remember. Not until middle school did I start…

Jerry Finn, 28

Web Developer

Arkansas, USA

One of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself

I feel like the course provided some grounded truths that I had been blind to before. Anxiety has a way of…

Bridget Viernes, 31



Before your course I was so overwhelmed with anxiety, I wouldn’t even consider joining a group like this.

I’m disabled from multiple traumatic brain injuries. These injuries have basically reset all my social skills and this created a lot of social anxiety…

Michael Green, 54.

Michigan, USA

Life-changing course

I have struggled with social anxiety my whole life. I have avoided making connections with people. And it has resulted in me not having any friends…

Lorena Hernandez, 23

Doctor Assistant

California, USA

I highly recommend this course

I completed the course and found it to be incredibly valuable. It covered a wide range of topics, including effective communication, active listening…

Wallace Rangel, 40

Civil Servant


I basically feel no anxiety whatsoever in social situations now

I’m not joking, I’d start to sob because of how anxious I was. It was the most extreme case of…

Rachel Keller, 19


United Kingdom