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Before your course I was so overwhelmed with anxiety, I wouldn’t even consider joining a group like this.
I’m disabled from multiple traumatic brain injuries. These injuries have basically reset all my social skills and this created a lot of social anxiety…

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Michael Green, 54.
Michigan, USA

Changed my life!

So, I have autism. I can hide it in some situations, and do pretty well. But I always was missing the little rules, the ones you…

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Taylor Goodwin, 35
Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
Oklahoma, USA

I have struggled with social anxiety my whole life. I have avoided making connections with people. And it has resulted in me not having any friends…

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Lorena Hernandez, 23
Doctor Assistant
California, USA

I felt like there was no hope for me, but it’s amazing to see the progress I’ve made.I’ve been quiet for as long as I can remember. Not until middle school did I start…

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Jerry Finn, 28
Web Developer
Arkansas, USA

I highly recommend this courseI completed the course and found it to be incredibly valuable. It covered a wide range of topics, including effective communication, active listening…

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Wallace Rangel, 40
Civil Servant

I basically feel no anxiety whatsoever in social situations nowI’m not joking, I’d start to sob because of how anxious I was. It was the most extreme case of…

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Rachel Keller, 19
United Kingdom

Now I am proud of who I am

I used to feel like I couldn’t be myself and people would find me weird. Now I am proud of who I am and find that people admire my sense of self…

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Ástrós Stjal, 17
United Kingdom

Things seem to be so natural now

Before I used to be confused as to how to interact in conversation with others. I would worry and have difficulties in conversation…

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Lisa Ritson, 54

Thankful to have taken the course

I feel that the course does what it sets out to do, and that is to help you become more confident socially and to get you out of the headspace that…

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Kaleb Henson, 22
Nissan employee
Tennessee, USA

On my way to live the life I’ve always wanted

Before I discovered the SocialSelf website programs I was socially and emotionally isolated for over 34.5 years, and I suffered extreme loneliness…

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Monica Meas, 36
Accounting Specialist
Washington State, USA

I feel like a completely different personI used to struggle with socializing and felt uncomfortable in social settings. However, after taking this course, I feel like a completely different…

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Anthony, 32
Product Manager
North Carolina, USA

I really wish I had come across this when I was young

I am a little older than most people taking this course, (late 50s) but it’s never too late…

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Lindy, 58

One of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself

I feel like the course provided some grounded truths that I had been blind to before. Anxiety has a way of…

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Bridget Viernes, 31

Helped me a lot with my social anxiety

I’ve signed up for a few courses at SocialSelf now. I’ve always liked David’s videos and feel like he breaks down the…

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Kristina Chepak, 28
UX Researcher
California, USA

If it can make an extreme introvert like myself excited to meet strangers, these courses work!

I signed up for the courses because SocialSelf’s website was correct in explaining how…

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Alice Chang
Mental Health Professional
New Jersey, USA

David’s course is DEFINITELY NOT a band-aid, it is a cure, for whatever social discomfort you have

I’m mainly an introspective/ introvert homebody. I prefer weekends free of commitments…

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Bianca Gelli

…my first girlfriend was an achievement, I never thought I could have one beforeI always felt I was a good guy, well-intentioned and nice. However…

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William Richards, 20
California, USA

Completely eliminated awkward momentsI had a misconception that becoming a better conversationalist would make me one of those extroverts…

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Rakesh Aggarwal,20
University student

My new knowledge has made me more active in social life

Over several years now (maybe five or so), I have seen how everyone around me at my age began hanging out with each other outside of…

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Theodor Kristiansen, 22
University student

I get more of the feeling that people I meet like me and have enjoyed talking to me

I think the feeling of not being socially skilled…

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Claire, 33
The Netherlands

Today I feel hope and confidenceI was always needy. But thanks to my reading habits I found…

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Esturardo Paz, 29
Data processor

I get more of the feeling that people I meet like me and have enjoyed talking to me

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Mechanical engineer

I now find small-talk with strangers and bonding 1-on-1 to be effortless

I wasn’t a shy kid growing up, but I became very withdrawn…

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