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We conduct research to increase public understanding and awareness of social psychology and are regularly featured in leading publications.

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Significant Increases in Quality of Life When Participating in SocialSelf’s Trainings

November 2022

A study of 819 participants shows significant increases in self-reported social life quality one month after joining SocialSelf’s free and pay-for trainings.

  • 84 percent saw some improvement in their social skills and 16 percent saw strong improvement.
  • 80 percent of those with social anxiety saw some improvement and 12 percent saw strong improvement.
  • 79 percent have improved their self-confidence and 16 percent saw strong improvement.

View the report here: Significant Increases in Quality of Life When Participating in SocialSelf’s Trainings

Loneliness and Anxiety During Lockdown

April 2020

This report describes how the coronavirus and lockdown affect loneliness and anxiety between age groups and gender.

The report is based on a survey that included 1,228 adults (80% from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia) and was conducted by us through an email survey (52% of respondents) and Amazon Mturk survey (48% of respondents) from April 1 through April 6, 2020.

View the report here: Loneliness and Anxiety During Lockdown

How to Tackle Millennial Loneliness

March 2020

Despite millennials being twice as lonely as baby boomers, almost all research to date has focused on baby boomers. This report sets out to review studies on loneliness between 2010 and 2020 to find actionable ways to tackle millennial loneliness.

Organizing author: Viktor Sander, B.Sc., B.A. | Contributing authors: Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D., Hannah Rose, L.C.P.C., Tara Well, Ph.D., Sean Seepersad, Ph.D., Dr. Peter J. Helm, Lara Otte, Psy.D., Rebecca A. Housel Ph.D., Andrea Brandt Ph.D. M.F.T., Romeo Vitelli Ph.D., M.S., Kyle D. Pruett M.D., Timothy Matthews Ph.D. | Commentary and insight: Christina R. Victor, B.A., M Phil, Ph.D., Prof. Mike Z. Yao, Melissa G. Hunt, Ph.D.

View the report here: How to Tackle Millennial Loneliness

Women’s Social Life Challenges

March 2019

Over 6 months, we asked 249 women to rate how motivated they were to improve 21 different areas of their social lives.

When we compared the results between different age groups we made 7 surprising findings that we present in this article.

This is the first time women’s social life struggles and motivations have been tracked in such detail. It gives new insight into women’s challenges that previous research missed out on.

SocialSelf has 55 000 female readers per month, and we wanted to know what struggles they face in their social lives. Women are traditionally underrepresented in studies.(9, 10, 11, 12). We found no previous studies on women’s social life struggles. This motivated us to raise awareness about the topic.

View the report here: Women’s Social Life Challenges

Statistics and Data

The following pages summarize statistics and data from the major mental health surveys in America.