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  1. Not was I was expecting. This shows social situations. I have one friend and he’s very ill. I have zero social situations.

  2. focusing on being curious about what the other person is saying works. Sometimes, I feel like I do it so well that i dont get much of anyone being aquainted with anything about me. I understand that people love to talk about themselves so i find it pretty easy to get conversations going, but I do feel like I have left many conversations where people dont know anything about me. How do I share myself without being boastful or appearing too confident? Is it ok to talk a little about my experience? Even if they dont ask?

    • I wondered about the same thing, people like to talk about themselves and sometimes I think forgets to ask about me and how I am doing.

      Maybe ???? spending more time with them they will ask who we are and what do we think. If that doesn’t happen write off as an acquaintance and Maybe they aren’t the friend I want in my life? Just a thought! What do you think?

      • There is a possibility that they are less in to you. Like, they may care a little when it comes to your side

    • I also have the same problem many times! I find it easy to ask good questions of the other person, have them talk and open up. But they don’t end up asking me very many questions. So I just started to give my own thoughts, experiences, and opinions on things whenever there is a pause and without out them asking me. At least I feel like I am getting my 2 cents out there, whether they are interested or not! If you keeping asking questions about the other person and they are talking most of the time, then it becomes all about them and very one sided. So I ask questions to learn more about them, but also to hopefully start a back and forth conversation going.

    • Yes exactly, it is the go-to tip for every article on how to get people to like you.

      But it has to be mutual, how can you have a conversation where you are both engaged, instead of an interview type of situation, where I have to listen constantly, and nobody is ever interested in me?


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