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  1. I have trouble with all the small talk. I have a problem staying focused on things that are frivolous. What can I do to focus more?

  2. Thank you
    But I tried this , its didn’t work
    None of them talk to me for long
    Because I am not talkative but I am talkative in my house

  3. Very clear. Internalizing can go too far. Thinking of others always gets you out of the rut of focusing on yourself. It also helps you recognize people who are self-centered and gives you the confidence to choose who you befriend.

  4. Come to think of it, I always felt much at ease when I cared less about others’ perception of me, and focused more on external things (what they were talking about, how they feel about that thing, etc..). Basically, concentrate on their perception of anything but me.

    This is solid advice, thanks for reminding me of it.

  5. I agree this would give a socially nervous person more confidence, but only if speaking to a socially confident person. How do you feel part of a conversation if it is only focused on them?


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