106 Things to Do as a Couple (For Any Occasion & Budget)

Is life with your spouse starting to feel routine? If yes, it’s important that you start prioritizing date nights and doing fun things together.

Stop sitting at home watching Netflix or distracting yourselves with your phones. Instead, begin brainstorming ideas for you to do together when you’re bored.

Having a list of things to do with your partner on the ready will ensure that you make the most of your time together. They can also help you build a relationship that will last the test of time.

And just keep in mind, some of these activities can spark conversations that help couples get to know each other on a deeper level.


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  7. Vacation & travel

Date night

Looking for new date night ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Heading to your favorite restaurant will likely never disappoint. But you could try spicing up your next date night with some of the following ideas instead.

Dine at a fancy restaurant

You and your partner might go out for dinner often, but getting dressed up and heading somewhere fancier than your usual spot can make a regular dinner date more special.

Take a walk in nature

All of us need to disconnect from technology and escape the hustle and bustle of our normal lives. Going for a walk in nature with your partner can help the two of you recharge after a long week. It also creates the space for the two of you to have a deep, uninterrupted conversation.

Try your hand at bowling

Dates with your partner are supposed to be fun! Even if you’re not great at bowling, it can still be nice to try something new and hopefully laugh at yourself, even if you can’t hit a single pin.

Visit an adult arcade

Bring back your inner child alongside somebody that you love by finding an adult arcade in your city. Spend the evening playing all the games you loved as a kid.

Take dance lessons

Dancing helps to create closeness and warmth in your relationship. Learning a new skill together can also add an extra dose of excitement to your connection with your partner.

Go to a salsa night

A couple's salsa dance class. The main couple looks deeply at each other.

Drink margaritas and dance the night away at a salsa party. You can connect with other couples, and chances are you and your partner will have lots to talk about after your night together.

Finally go to that place you always talk about

A lot of couples throw out ideas of places they would like to go to or things they would like to try together. Write a list to help you keep track of all of these miscellaneous ideas and actually make them a reality.

Test out new wines

Even if you’re not planning on being a sommelier, you can still test your palette at a wine tasting. Gain new knowledge about something you love while having a light conversation with your partner as you try the different wines.

Try making sushi at home

As fun as cooking is, making the same meal day after day is bound to get boring eventually.

Trying to make sushi could be a fun way to make cooking with your significant other more extraordinary.

Go to a rooftop bar for drinks

Soak up all the beautiful views of your city while drinking some of your favorite cocktails with the person you love.

Pick out each other’s outfits for the evening

Make your date night more interesting by picking out each other’s outfits for the evening. It will give you the chance to try combos that you usually wouldn’t and make taking them off at the end of the night even more entertaining.


If you want to bond more deeply with your significant other, these date ideas that can help you to do so. These couple activities will nurture a deeper, more intimate connection between you and your partner.

Ride a horse somewhere beautiful

Horseback riding is a unique activity for a date. Regardless of how long you’ve been dating, horseback riding is an adventurous and romantic date for you and your partner.

Ask each other deep questions

Spark a deeper connection with your significant other by asking them deep questions about themselves. If you’re looking for new conversation topics, you can check out these deep questions to truly get to know someone.

Surprise your partner

To end an especially stressful week, or mark a special occasion, you could try arranging a big surprise for your better half. Either plan a day full of all of their favorite activities, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, plan a trip for the two of you two take together.

Figure out your love language

Everyone has their own unique love language. This is the way that a person best gives or receives love in their relationships. Knowing what your partner’s love language is can help you to build a stronger and more intimate relationship. You can take this test to find out what your love language is.

Have a paint night

Thanks to the help of online resources, you don’t have to be especially gifted to enjoy this suggestion. There are step-by-step tutorials on YouTube for you to follow while you paint, helping anyone to embrace their inner artist.

Put your phone on airplane mode

Whether it’s work or friends, it’s easy to get distracted by our phones. Be intentional about disconnecting from technology for the evening. This way you can focus all of your love and attention on your partner instead.

You might like a few more tips on how to be more present in your conversations.

Get a couples’ massage

A couple relaxing while getting massages together in the same massage room.

Everyone deserves a day of relaxation. You might be looking for a romantic date idea, or just want to treat your partner to some much-needed downtime after a long week. Either way, a couples massage is a perfect way to make this happen.

Go on a double date

Going on double dates can help you and your partner have a more interesting date night, full of unique conversations and connections with others.

Look for a shooting star

Head out into the open air to sit under the stars and disconnect from your busy life for a while. Pack your stargazing essentials and sit back while Mother Nature takes your breath away.

Have a picnic

A picnic date is all about romance and gives you and your partner time to bond away from busy restaurants. Soak up some sun while eating some of your favorite finger foods.

Ride in a hot air balloon

Nothing says romance like riding in a hot air balloon. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should enjoy, and doing it alongside the person you love most is the perfect way to experience it.

Go to a concert

Going to see live music with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a sure way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Next time one of your favorite bands is playing near you be sure to grab tickets for you and your loved one.

Take a horse carriage ride

This is a creative and unique way for you to explore your city with your partner and is one of the most romantic date ideas possible.

Go to the movies

Seeing a movie is probably the most classic date night idea and for a good reason. You and your partner have the chance to snuggle up while snacking on delicious treats. To make this idea more fun you could also try going to a drive-in theatre.

At home

Just because you have to spend the night in doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try some of these fun couple things to do at home to make your usual night in with your boyfriend or girlfriend more memorable. These ideas might be even more helpful if you or your partner don’t like going out.

Do an online relationship course

The health of our relationships plays a big role in our overall happiness, yet being in healthy relationships is not something we are taught. Improve the relationship between you and your partner by taking an online relationship course together.

Try a DIY home project

Get creative while simultaneously making something beautiful for your home. Browse Facebook Marketplace for used furniture to give a make-over, or try one of these DIY home projects.

Learn a new skill

As fun as it is relaxing or snuggling with your partner, there is something exciting about learning a new skill with the person you love. You could learn a new language to get ready for your next trip or test out an online course on Skillshare.

Plant an herb garden

Test out your gardening skills by planting an indoor herb garden. The great thing about herb gardens is how little space they take up. All you need is a sunny window, making it accessible for people living in small apartments. Use the herbs to garnish dishes when you cook with your partner, or just embellish your apartment with more greenery.

Cook a meal from scratch

Making dinner with your partner is a fun and easy way to connect with each other. Take your next meal prep together to another level by cooking a meal—like pasta—entirely from scratch.

Pick a room in your house to makeover

A couple painting a wall together in a empty room. There are some painting instruments around them.

Whether or not you and your partner live together, you can still invest in making one another’s space more comfortable and beautiful. Paint a room, invest in some new furniture, and make your homes more comfortable for you both.

Build a fort

This suggestion can help you to turn a cozy movie date night at home into a more memorable experience. Set up a blanket and pillow fort for you and your significant other to snuggle up in.

Make vision boards

Getting clear on your goals is the best way to get closer to accomplishing them. Spend an afternoon with your partner collecting photos, quotes, and anything else you can think of that best represents your dream future. Then create a collage of everything you’ve picked out, to remind you of what you’re trying to manifest in your life.

Try acro yoga

Acro yoga is a partner yoga that involves two people balancing each other in different poses. It’s a surprisingly intimate way for you to connect with your partner, while also being playful.

Practice meditating together

Sitting together in stillness is a simple and romantic way to connect. Meditating can help to soothe anxiety and is a practice that is beneficial for everyone to try. Take your meditation to the next level by including eye gazing with your partner.

Make a scrapbook

Bring the memories you have with your partner to life by creating a scrapbook. Print out your favorite pictures of the two of you together, and get crafty putting them into a scrapbook.

Stay in bed all-day

Sometimes less is more. Take advantage of a day that you don’t have anything planned by spending it relaxing in bed with your better half.

Play a Spotify game

Relax at home while listening to music. You can either go back and forth playing your favorite songs for each other or have each other play songs that remind you of each other.

Have breakfast in bed

Treat your partner to some much-needed rest by letting them sleep in and serving them breakfast in bed. Or take advantage of a sleepy Saturday morning by ordering a delicious breakfast for both of you to eat together.

Listen to an audiobook together

Turn off Netflix, and instead listen to an audiobook together. You can snuggle without worrying about anyone’s view being blocked, and it opens up a whole new window of potential entertainment for the two of you. Sign up for Audible and start browsing your different options.

Create an online business

Have you ever dreamed of being able to quit your job and focus on building the business of your dreams? Go into business with your significant other, to bring in extra income, and have a passion project for the two of you to work on together.

Cozy up and watch a movie

Have a movie marathon watching some of these best movies to watch with your partner.

Host a dinner party

If you and your significant other are used to eating dinner alone, you might want to switch things up by hosting a dinner party. Inviting people into your home to cook for them is a beautiful way to show them how much you care.

Start a blog or YouTube channel

Spend less time feeling bored at home by taking on a fun new project for the two of you to do together. Starting a blog or YouTube channel to educate or simply document some of the experiences you two have together can help keep you both entertained.

Learn a Tik Tok dance together

Have you ever watched a Tik Tok of hilarious couples doing dances together and thought “I wish I could do that?” Now is your chance. There are tons of different couples’ Tik Tok dances for the two of you to choose from.


Feeling inspired to do more cute couple things with your partner? This list can give you just the kickstart you need to try out some new bonding activities and add an extra splash of adorable into your connection.

Get matching tattoos

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like matching tattoos.

Do a couples’ photoshoot

A couple doing a photoshoot in a shed with a rustic decor. They're on a sofa, one has their head on the lap of the other.

Doing a photoshoot together will give you a chance to document this time in your lives, and give you something to look back on when you’re old and grey.

Write letters to each other

Let’s face it, every couple is going to face challenging times in their relationship, regardless of how much they love each other. Set time aside to write letters to each other. You can exchange them afterward, or save the letters to read during a challenging time in your relationship.

Learn a new language together

Learning new languages is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. It’s also a skill that can come in handy in the future if you and your partner decide to travel together. Not to mention, it’s a special thing to be able to communicate in a language, just the two of you.

Soothe yourselves with a bubble bath

Take a romantic bath together complete with bubbles, fruit to snack on, and either water or wine depending on your mood.

Play Twister

Twister is a board game that will have you testing your balance while getting up close and personal with your partner. If playing board games is a regular activity for the two of you, playing Twister instead of a traditional board game could give your usual game night an extra sexy twist.

Bake cupcakes

A lot of people believe that cooking with your significant other is one of the best ways to improve your relationship. Next time you’re stuck at home on a rainy day, show your partner love by baking and then decorating cupcakes together.

Volunteer together

Being of service to others is one of the best feelings in the world. Spend a day volunteering with your better half. Whether you decide to spend your time at an animal shelter or your local community center, you can feel good knowing you’re making a positive change in the world.

Read the same book

Couples that grow together, stay together. Focus on self-improvement by choosing a self-help book for the two of you to read and discuss together. Or have fun discussing the twists and turns of a fiction novel.

Give each other massages

If physical touch is yours’ or your partner’s love language, then massages will be one of the best ways for you to give and receive love. Treat your lover to a massage and sit back while they spoil in return.

Start compiling a bucket list

Chances are you and your significant other have a long list of ideas of things you’d like to do together. Ideas forget whenever it comes time to decide what to do. Take time to sit down and write a list of everything you always talk about doing, so that you can actually do it.

This compilation of bucket list ideas is aimed at best friends, but it’s also full of items you might like to add to your bucket list with your romantic partner.

Try out a new two-person sport

Do something good for your body as well as your relationship by deciding on a two-person sport for the two of you to do together. You could try tennis, basketball, or even boxing if you’re feeling adventurous.

Have a water-balloon fight

Water balloon fights might have been something that you did with your friends as a kid to have fun and cool off during the summer. Get wet with your significant other by filling some water balloons to soak each other with.

Buy matching outfits and wear them together

This suggestion is a little cheesy, but shopping for matching outfits together can make for a cute shopping trip, and an extra special date night.


While it’s easier to have fun adventures when you can spend time outside, it’s still very possible for you to keep your relationship fun during the fall or winter. You just have to be creative. These are inspirational date ideas for you to do when the weather turns cold.

Go to the aquarium

You can see all kinds of underwater creatures by visiting your local aquarium. The relaxed atmosphere and abundance of things to look at will keep the conversation flowing, and is a perfect date idea for you and your partner.

Try a yoga class together

A couple doing yoga together in a room with a blue sofa and a large window letting the sunlight get in the room.

Get into the habit of nurturing your body, mind, and soul by going to a yoga class with your partner. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or have never tried a class, moving your body with your lover is a fine way for the two of you to connect.

Find a pool table to play on

Regardless of how good you and your partner are at playing pool, this idea can still be a ton of fun. Enjoy a bit of friendly competition, or share a laugh as you both struggle to sink a single ball.

Have a spa day

There are very few date ideas that are quite as relaxing as treating yourself to a spa day. Get a couples massage, sweat out your stress in a sauna, and if your boyfriend is up for it, get a manicure and pedicure.

Go rock climbing

Continuing to do unique activities with your partner will help you to keep your relationship fresh and fun for years. Visit a local rock climbing gym to challenge your strength and bond with your significant other.

Watch a sports game

Regardless of whether or not you two are sports fans, going to a sports game just to soak up the energy of the crowd can be enjoyable for everyone.

Take a cooking class

Do you often opt to order in instead of cooking meals at home? It could be that you’re not a good cook or are just lacking inspiration in the kitchen. Either way, taking a cooking class with your significant other can help to sharpen a skill that will serve you for years to come.

Visit open houses and imagine your dream home

Even if you’re not in the market to buy a home, visiting open houses and envisioning yourself inside these homes can be not only entertaining. Not only that, but it can also bring you closer to actualizing your dream home purchase.

Play board games

Do you know who the competitive one is in your relationship? Find out by picking up and playing one of the best board games for two people together. If you want to get out of the house you could also try heading to a board game cafe in your city.

Check out a local museum

Combine education and fun by heading to your local museum. Keep your eye on exhibits at your favorite museum until you find something that catches your eye.

Play laser tag

Think laser tag is just for kids? Guess again. Laser tag is super fun and a unique date idea for you and your partner to do together.

Head to the mall

Spend your next rainy day at the shopping mall. Sometimes shopping with another person is just the push you need to actually make it happen.

Go to the gym together

Couples who work out together are definitely couple goals. Get into the best shape of your life with the best workout buddy possible by heading to the gym with your partner.

Get creative at a pottery class

Try your hand at wheel throwing, hand-build your perfect creation, or keep it simple by painting something pre-made at a pottery painting studio.

Visit a flea market or antique store

You never know what kinds of hidden gems you might discover at a flea market or antique store until you take the time to check them out.


There are so many outdoor activities to do with your significant other. Try a few of the following to inspire more adventure in your relationship, and make memories together.

Summer activities

When spring comes it’s the perfect time for you to start putting together your bucket list for the warmer months. Add the following activities to your summer plans to make the most out of your summer with your significant other.

Go ziplining

Ziplining is an activity where you travel down a steel cable strung between two points and often overlooking gorgeous scenery. Skip the classic dinner or movie date, and opt for something that will nurture your inner adrenaline junkie.

Break out a slip n’ slide in your backyard

Get wet and wild with the person you love by setting up a slip and slide for the two of you to enjoy together in your backyard.

Get out on the water

Renting a sailboat might be the best way for you to make this suggestion happen. If this isn’t within your budget, you could try picking up a simple inflatable boat, pool toy, or even renting stand-up paddleboards instead.

Go skinny dipping

For this suggestion, you will need to head to a nude beach or a secluded spot on the water. Being nude outdoors is something that we don’t get to experience often, and being with your loved one will only make it more special.

Watch the sunset

A couple watching the sunset by the beach while holding surf boards.

Pack a blanket, some snacks, and maybe a deck of cards. Then head to a gorgeous west-facing spot for you and your significant other to watch the sunset.

Go go-karting

Go-karting is a sport that involves renting a go-kart—or a mini-vehicle—for you to race around a small track. It is an original date idea that can bring out your competitive side and leave you laughing all day.

Do a ghost tour of your city

Many cities have ghost tours. They are tours led by a guide and take you to all of the spookiest spots in your town.

Visit a botanical garden

Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city to spend some time in perfectly manicured nature by heading to a botanical garden.

Try flying a kite

Kites are often thought of as being a toy for kids, but there is no reason why adults can’t also enjoy them. Experience the exhilaration of catching the perfect breeze and watching your kite soar overhead.

Have an outdoor fire

Pack all the necessary supplies, and then head to a beautiful spot to have a peaceful outdoor fire with your lover.

Rent a tandem bike

Talk about romantic! Switch up a simple bike ride by renting a tandem bike for you and your significant other to take around the town.

See if you can catch a fish

Catching a fish is something that everyone should experience at least once. Find a rod rental near you and pick up all the supplies you need to make this dream a reality. Regardless of if you catch a fish or not, you can still spend a relaxing day on the water.

Go stand-up paddleboarding

Test your balance by renting stand-up paddleboards and taking them out on the water. If you want to make this suggestion extra romantic you can also rent a single, bigger board for the two of you to share.

Take a scenic hike

Disconnect from your busy life, and do something good for your body and mind by taking a day to hike in nature.

Play minigolf

Minigolf is one of the most classic date ideas you can think of. Talk and laugh your way around the course, regardless of your skill level.

Pick delicious fruit or berries

The season for local fruit doesn’t last long in some places of the world. Take advantage of summer weather while you can by going to a u-pick farm to stock up on your favorite fruit.

Feel like a kid at an amusement park

This is another suggestion for any adrenaline junkies reading this. Head to your local amusement park to eat cotton candy, ride rollercoasters, and share an iconic kiss atop a Ferris wheel.

Winter Activities

A long winter stuck indoors can put a strain on even the strongest relationships. Instead of waiting for warmer weather, try some of the following winter activities with your partner.

Try ice skating

Skating with your partner is a romantic winter suggestion. Gliding or falling on the ice will help you get in a good workout and probably share some laughs. Pack some hot chocolate for you to sip on after your adventure.

Take a sleigh ride

Nothing says romance like riding in a horse-drawn carriage through the snow. Snuggle up with your partner as you listen to sleigh bells ring and the clip-clop of hooves.

Hike with snowshoes

Get outside for a winter adventure by renting snowshoes. Hike through even the deepest snow and take in all the beautiful scenes with the person you love.

Learn to ski or snowboard

This suggestion is sure to add some excitement to your next date with your partner. If you’re both beginners, make sure to take a lesson together. You want your skip trip to end with smiles and not a trip to the hospital.

Vacation & Travel

Traveling with your partner is one of the best ways for you to get to know them better and test your compatibility. If you have a spontaneous break from work or are craving an epic adventure, head somewhere special with your significant other.

Soak in outdoor hot springs

A couple in a hot spring looking at each other and smiling.

Natural hot springs are often some of the most beautiful spots to check out and spending the day in them is completely free. Visiting one is the perfect way to combine relaxation with an outdoor adventure.

Relax in a cabin in the woods

Regardless of how you feel about cities, escaping from the hustle and bustle and taking time to disconnect is important for everyone. Find a picturesque cabin in the woods for you and to head to for a weekend away.

Plan a surprise trip

If your partner loves traveling, try surprising them with a trip away together. Make sure you plan the trip during a time that you know they are free, and bonus points if it’s somewhere you know they’ve been dying to check out.

Visit each other’s hometowns

Exploring the neighborhood that your partner grew up in will give you unique insight into who they are and how they are raised. If you or your significant other don’t live in the same city you grew up, plan a trip to go and check out their hometown.

Visit a national park

National parks are hot spots for visitors for a good reason. They’re often home to the most beautiful scenery that a country has to offer, and are full of adventure opportunities for you and your significant other.

Spend a day at the beach

Days at the beach offer a range of activities for you and your significant other to partake in. Crash around in the waves, or soak up the sun while you tan on the beach. Either way, a day spent outside getting vitamin D is good for the soul.

Jump out of a plane

Skydiving with your significant other is an experience that the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Explore a new neighborhood in your city

A lot of us get stuck in the neighborhood we live in and don’t take the time to explore the different areas in our city. If this sounds like you, take a day to explore your city. This can be done either on foot or by renting scooters or bikes, allowing you to explore a larger distance.

Sleep in the great outdoors

This suggestion isn’t for the faint of heart. Skip the fancy hotel and instead find a spot to pitch a tent or cozy up in your sleeping bags under the starry sky.

Try snorkeling

There is an entire world that exists below the surface of the ocean that not many of us get to see. Rent snorkeling equipment for you and your significant other to bring to the beach and use to spot underwater creatures.

Rent a campervan to explore in

Renting a camper van with a bed is a unique way to travel. Not only do you have your home with you wherever you travel, but you can plan less and have a more open-ended trip. This is because you won’t need to end each day by pitching a tent or finding a hotel to sleep in.

Take a spontaneous road trip

Take full advantage of a long weekend or the inspiration to travel by packing a bag and heading on a spontaneous road trip. You can either just start driving to see where you end up or finally make it to one of the places on your travel bucket list.

Spend the night at a cute B&B

If you want to live like a local on your next trip, try staying at a local bed and breakfast instead of a big hotel. Making the switch will give you the chance to connect with your hosts and get recommendations from people who know the area.

Take a kayak tour

Kayak companies often offer overnight tours that allow you to combine a camping trip with an athletic activity on the water. Spend the day drifting down the water before stopping to sleep under the stars.

Common questions

What should a good couple do?

Any good couple should prioritize spending time together. Specifically, time spent undistracted and doing new activities. Trying new things helps to keep any relationship feeling fresh and fun.

How often do couples have date nights?

A study by the Marriage Foundation found that among 9,969 couples with children; 11% had date nights once a week or more, 30% had them once a month, 23% less often, and 36% hardly ever. They also found that the couples who had one date night per month were the most likely to stay together long term.[1]

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