How To End A Text Conversation (Examples For All Situations)

For many, texting has become the new normal. The average American now sends or receives an average of 94 texts per day, and many young people rely almost exclusively on texts to communicate.[1] While texting is easy and convenient, it can also be stressful, with more people reporting texting anxiety about not knowing how or when to respond, what to say, and how to end a conversation via text.

This article will provide text conversation enders you can use to end a text exchange politely, without being rude or leaving the other person wondering if you’re upset. You’ll also learn tips to end conversations via text with people in various situations.


  1. General strategies to end a text conversation politely
  2. How to end a text conversation in specific situations
  3. Common questions

General strategies to end a text conversation politely

1. Set realistic expectations early on

If there are times throughout the day when you know you won’t be able to read and respond to texts, it’s a good idea to let people know, especially people who you text with a lot. If you know you are going to be busy, unable to check your phone or respond, you can let people close to you know by:

  • Explaining you have limited service or availability to talk during certain times
  • Letting people know when you will be busy or unable to use your phone
  • Explaining your schedule to close friends and family (e.g., work hours, bedtime, etc.)
  • Explaining to others that you aren’t a big texter and may be slow to respond

2. Suggest a better time or way to talk

If timing is the problem, it’s a good idea to send a short text explaining you’re busy and offering an alternative time or way to talk. Instead of feeling pressured to respond during a time when you’re busy or can’t talk, try sending one of these texts:

  • “I’m in the middle of something at work, but call you later?”
  • “Could we talk more about this when I get home?”
  • “I’d rather talk about this in person.”
  • “Would you mind emailing me this?”

When to opt for a phone call instead

Sometimes, text just isn’t the best method of communication, and it would be better, easier, or faster to just pick up the phone and call someone. For example, breaking up with someone via text is almost never a good idea and is considered rude, especially if you’ve been seeing them for a while.

Here are some examples of other conversations that may be better to have over the phone or in-person:

  • Conflicts or disagreements you are trying to resolve
  • Describing something complicated or giving detailed instructions
  • When misunderstandings are occurring via text
  • Topics that are personal or sensitive in nature

3. Use reactions when you’re busy

Most smartphones have built-in features that allow you to hold down on a text someone sent and “react” using a thumbs up, thumbs down, question mark, laugh, or other reaction. Similar to social media posts, reactions allow you to briefly respond to someone without starting a longer, more in-depth conversation via text.

4. Wait for a good time to respond

These days, a late or slow reply is often taken personally, making you feel pressured to respond instantly.[2] Still, a rushed response to a text is more likely to lead to typos, errors, or misunderstandings, so try to slow down and respond when you have a free moment.[3]

5. Explain late responses to avoid causing offense

If your response is coming late, you can always help to explain this by texting something like:

  • “Sorry for the late reply. I was doing …..”
  • “I’m just seeing this now!”
  • “Hey, I was working and couldn’t respond. Everything OK?”
  • “Sorry, I had to wait until I left the office.”
  • “I thought I replied, sorry!”

6. End the conversation on a high note

Ending the conversation on a high note is another graceful way to end a text conversation without causing any bad feelings. Using emojis and exclamation points can help you convey positive and friendly vibes via texts, helping you end a text conversation on a good note.[2][3][4]

When the opportunity arrives, try to end the conversation by sending something like:

  • “Congratulations again! So happy for you!”
  • “He is adorable! Can’t wait to see him in person.”
  • “Thank you for reaching out, and I can’t wait to catch up soon!”
  • “Had so much fun. Can’t wait til next time!”
  • “This made my day. Thank you!”

7. Drop early hints that you need to go

Another way to end a text conversation politely is to drop hints that the conversation is coming to an end. Sometimes, explaining that you only have a limited amount of time to text can help you accomplish this early on before the conversation becomes too in-depth.

Some of the ways to do this include:

  • “I only have a sec before this meeting but wanted to reply. Great to hear this!”
  • “It’s crazy at work today, but I can’t wait to catch up soon!”
  • “Sorry, I only have a minute before this meeting but yes, I will be there!”
  • “We should definitely talk about this more in person. Saturday?”

8. Send brief texts toward the end of an exchange

Towards the end of a text conversation, shorter responses can act as a cue to the other person that the conversation is ending. Sending long texts can send the opposite message, often leading the other person to believe you want to continue texting and also giving them more to respond to.

Here are some brief but polite texts that can help you cue the end of a text conversation:

  • Responding “Definitely!” after making plans
  • Texting “Lol, amazing!” to something random or funny
  • Saying “Haha I love that.” to a picture or funny text
  • Sending “Yes! Totally agree!” to a suggestion or comment
  • Saying “Thank you! I’ll call you soon!” to catch up with someone later
  • Sending “10-4!” to a boss or coworker giving you an update

9. Clear up misunderstandings

If you feel like a misunderstanding has occurred in a text conversation, it can often be easily resolved with a follow-up text or phone call. Miscommunications can happen easily over text and may have been caused by a typo, unclear abbreviation, being auto-corrected, or just texting someone in a rush.[2][3]

Here are some easy ways to clear up a misunderstanding that may happen over text:

  • Saying, “Sorry, I just re-read your text and realized my response wasn’t clear.”
  • Texting, “That came out wrong. What I meant to say was…”
  • Asking, “Hey, never heard back from you. Everything OK?” when you don’t get a response
  • Texting, “Hope that didn’t come across wrong. I was trying to say…”
  • Saying “Oops! Typo!” when you’ve made an error

10. Use pictures, emojis, memes, and abbreviations

Emojis and memes can be a great, feel-good way to respond to someone or end a text conversation. For example, sending a smile emoji, heart, or meme can help you react to a friend or family member who sent a text without spending a lot of time crafting a response. Emojis and memes offer nice, funny ways to finish a conversation over text.[3][4]

How to end a text conversation in specific situations

1. Ending a text conversation with your crush

Ending a text conversation with your crush can be stressful, especially since you are probably still trying to establish whether the feelings are mutual. You want to be nice, flirty, and responsive but may not have the time to engage in a constant back-and-forth text exchange.

Here are some ways to end text conversations with your crush:

  • Keep it light, playful, fun, and positive

Examples: “Can’t wait to see you,” “Going to bed now. Sweet dreams!,” “Hope you have an awesome day and talk to you tonight!”

  • Use emojis to convey sweet, short goodbyes

Examples: “Had a great time tonight. Can’t wait to see you again soon ????”, “I’m working all day but call you after ????”

  • Use memes to reply in a funny way when you’re busy

Examples of memes to end a text conversation:

2. Ending a text conversation with someone you’re dating

If you’re dating someone, you probably send a lot of texts back and forth throughout the day, and there may be an expectation that you respond immediately. If this is your situation, it’s important to let the guy or girl you’re dating know when and why you can’t respond.

Here are some sweet texts to send to your partner when you need to end the conversation:

  • “Working now but can’t wait to see you tonight!”
  • “Headed to bed. Sweet dreams and text you in the morning.”
  • “Let’s talk about this more tonight. Love you.”
  • “In the middle of a meeting, but call you after?”

3. Ending a text conversation with someone you don’t like

If you are on dating or friend apps like Bumble or Hinge and are locked into a text conversation with someone you don’t really like, it can be easier to cut things off early on. The longer you keep replying to be polite, the harder it can be to exit the conversation.

Here are some polite ways to end conversations via text with someone you don’t like:

  • “Had a great time the other night but actually met someone else.”
  • “I don’t think we are a great fit, but good luck, and I hope you find what you’re looking for!”
  • “I’ve enjoyed chatting, but I think we’re looking for different things.”

4. Ending a text conversation with a formal acquaintance

When you need to end a text conversation with someone you know formally from work, school, or another activity, you want to be friendly but also professional. Keeping your texts short, direct, and to the point can help, but sometimes you will also need to set some boundaries, especially if the text conversation is getting long or off-topic.

Here are some ways to be polite but professional when ending a text conversation:

  • “Thanks for all your input. Let’s discuss more tomorrow in the office.”
  • “Signing off for today. See you at work tomorrow!”
  • “About to make some dinner now. Have a great night!”
  • “Could you actually email me this? It would be easier for me to have in one place.”

5. How to end a long, boring, or pointless text conversation

Sometimes you want to end a text conversation with a friend, family member, or acquaintance because it’s become too in-depth, boring, or pointless. Because you value the relationship, you want to make sure to go about this in a polite way, without offending them or sending the wrong message.

Here are some polite ways to end text conversations that you aren’t enjoying:

  • Don’t instantly respond to each text they send, as this can send mixed messages that you are eager to continue the conversation
  • End the text conversation with a short text that ends with a period or an exclamation point instead of a question mark to avoid lengthening the conversation. For instance, sending a “Thanks!” or “Got it.” or “Sounds good.” signals there isn’t anything else to say.
  • React to a text using the “like,” “laughed at,” or a thumbs-up emoji when you need to respond without stretching out the conversation.

Final thoughts

Texting is great because it’s fast, easy, and convenient, making it the preferred method of contact for many people. Still, it can be difficult to know how to know when a conversation has ended or how to end a conversation that has become boring, pointless, or unconstructive. By using the strategies above, you can usually avoid being rude or hurting anyone’s feelings while still making it clear the conversation is over.

Common questions

Is it OK not to text every day?

If you aren’t big on texting, it is totally OK not to text daily. It may be important to let others close to you know that you aren’t a texter, including close friends, family, and people you communicate a lot with at work.

Is it OK to text a guy every day?

How well you know them, how often you talk, and how much they like texting can all change whether or not it is OK to text a guy daily. Some guys love texting and do it often, while others may prefer less frequent texts.

Do guys hate long texts?

Everyone is different, and it isn’t true to say that all guys dislike long texts. Some do, while others have no problem with this at all. Getting to know the guy and asking him what he likes is the only way to know for sure.

Do guys like it when girls text first?

Not all guys and girls are the same, so it’s impossible to make a blanket statement about texting preferences. Once you get to know the person better and have more open conversations, it will be easier to determine what they prefer.

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Hailey Shafir is a licensed mental health counselor, licensed addiction specialist, and clinical supervisor working out of Raleigh, NC. She has a Masters in Counseling from NC State University, and has extensive professional experience in counseling, program development, and clinical supervision. Read more.

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    Thanks again.

  2. Actually worked perfectly! Left a nice message to end off the conversation based on the tips and they replied with a reaction heart! Just like another suggestion on this page!


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