Review of Self-Conscious to Confident (Oscar)

Oscar reviews Confident in 60 Days

At a glance

Oscar’s starting point

Oscar had no close friends and struggled with low self-esteem, and anxiety. He was extremely self-critical and, in his own words, bashed himself with self-hate.

This lead to a life of loneliness. He felt like a “loser socially and like he had failed at life”. He desperately wanted change.

Oscar’s results

Today, Oscar describes himself as kind, generous, happy, and positive. Now he genuinely enjoys social encounters and meeting new people.

He has more friends and deeper relationships. He even got a girlfriend thanks to the new social situation he created.

He feels socially successful and confident in social situations.

Here’s Oscar’s transformation:

“I had started to believe that there was just something wrong with me”

I had decided that I wanted and needed a change in my social life.

I was quite lonely with very few friends. I often felt ashamed of myself because of this and that in turn made me anxious and self-critical.

In general, I felt like a loser socially and also like I had failed at life.

I could not enjoy social situations very often because I would either feel like a failure when talking to others, or those feelings and thoughts would come afterward, i.e very self-critical thoughts about how I acted.

I had started to believe that there was just something wrong with me, that I just didn’t have that ability to make friends.

What ultimately made me take the course was that I had tried out a few of the methods from the subscription to David’s e-mail that I was signed up to. I found some of the methods really helpful to lower my nervousness.

When Oscar joined Self-Conscious to Confident 2 months ago, this is how he described himself and his goals:

Basically, my problem is that I have never had any close friends at all. For some periods of time in my life I’ve had even zero friends, being very lonely (my family has been there for me though).

My main issue is that I’ve never really had any close friends.

I don’t really know how to bond with people on a deeper level. I’m pretty relaxed sometimes, but when it just comes down to a personal level I don’t really know how to handle it. That has limited my life a lot and plunged me into depressions.

I want to come closer to the friends that I have now and in general, I want to improve my social and conversation skills. I have started to get some friends again, after periods of being quite lonely, but I feel a fear of losing them.

For me a large part is also connected with low self-esteem and a sense of low self-worth, so would like to improve that as well. I feel like I have nothing to offer.

Lastly, I’ve rarely approached someone I’m attracted to. Partly because it’s scary, partly because I don’t want to disturb them.

What has been your biggest challenge in this course and how did you deal with it?

My biggest challenge was to keep going and put in the work even when I felt stressed and busy. Simply to just take the time to work on myself even though I felt I didn’t have any time, or when it felt that I wasn’t sure that I made progress.

How would you describe yourself now that you’ve completed Self-Conscious to Confident?

Oscar speech

I am kind, generous, happy and positive. I enjoy life. I have a clear set of (long-term) goals for myself and I feel like I know what is important (for me) in life.

I have a good relationship to myself and can feel self-love for the first time in ages.

The most important thing, though, is that I have accepted myself for who I am, for my past and how my life looks like right now.

I have a good relationship to myself and can feel self-love for the first time in ages. I also know that it is possible to make changes in your life, if you are willing to face your fears and anxieties and are willing to put in some work.

I have completely switched my mind-set. It is truly amazing. I used to be so extremely self-critical, bashing myself with self-hate, which lead to that I avoided a lot of social situations.

Now I just enjoy them – and can feel genuine appreciation for being in social encounters with other people.

How would you describe your social life today?

Oscar with friends

I have more friends now and the already existing relationships are deeper. I have a girlfriend (and this program was a major contributing factor). The most important thing that I’ve learned is to connect with other people and to genuinely feel good about myself and feel confident.

I feel that I am successful and usually quite confident in social situations. I genuinely enjoy social settings now. I enjoy meeting new people because it is interesting to get to know them. This, I think, makes me rather pleasant to be around.

Here are some things that people have said about me that really warms my heart:

“I leave you alone for 2 seconds and you have already made new friends”

“You are a good person and a true friend”

“He seems to be very self-confident and open with people – a person that is secure and comfortable in his own skin”

What’s your best advice to someone who’s about to join the program?

Make sure that you keep going with it, try to put in the work every day. Take small steps every day.

Change comes slowly by moving the needle little by little. Don’t stop or quit because you missed a few days or that you feel like you don’t have time.

Some final words from Oscar

This program has been so great. Thank you so much. I’ve learned so much and my mind-set has actually changed. I genuinely enjoy meeting people. I feel like social situations are rewarding and not something to survive.

I am able to connect much better now. I feel confident, most of the time, and when I don’t I have strategies to help me.

Game-changer! ?

Oscar’s story has been cited as-is and only changes for readability have been made. 

Success Stories

We asked some of our members to share how SocialSelf has helped them become more socially savvy. Here are their stories. Some names have been changed.


Bianca Gelli, Brazil

"[...] you know, little did I know that it isn’t about having an endless list of things to say, but about being genuinely interested in hearing from the other person and finding mutual interests. That’s so much more profound than I thought when I dreamed of a silver bullet to solve my conversation dead ends.

David’s course is DEFINITELY NOT a band-aid, it is a cure, for whatever social discomfort you have.

From this life, we don’t take away material things, only the good relationships we’ve had. Also, if you think that you can’t find friends that are like you, I guarantee you they are out there, you’ll find them with the help of this course."

Read Bianca's full story here


William lives in Irvine, California where he studies International Commerce

"I always felt I was a good guy, well-intentioned and nice. However, sometimes life and people were kind of stepping over me. I didn't have a lot of girls and social success.

Now I'm outgoing, social, and generally easy to talk to. What I learned is that change is possible!"

Read William's full story here


Rakesh, 20, is an engineering student in India

[...] one thing it has done is completely eliminated awkward moments. And because I’m not putting on a mask, it’s not at all tiring.

In fact, I look forward to more interactions. I’ve even started a brotherhood group so that I can meet new people and forge healthy relationships.

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Rachel, 25, works in IT-support in Australia

"The way you teach and your methods have helped me so much. I have been implementing your ideas, and it has changed my life in such a positive way.

I have been genuinely interesting myself in others and it makes others feel cared about, and in turn, that makes me feel good!"


Theodor from Norway studies History at the University of Oslo

"When I started at university last year, I already knew that I would need to make friends fast, because if not, everyone would start forming groups while I stood outside. The problem was that I wasn’t included, even though I walked around with them and went to every social event during that first ‘buddy week’. I decided that I needed better social skills because the way things always seemed to end was heartbreaking. I felt that no one I met wanted to include me, and I didn’t understand why. The only way to understand it and fix it is to gain access to their groups, and the only way to do that would be to improve my social skills.

During the program, Theodor got more confident and began realizing that others don’t have a strict plan of in which direction they want the conversation to go. That is one thing that has helped him dare to speak more."

Read Theodor's full story here


Claire, 33, is from UK and currently lives and works in the Netherlands

"I realized when I found your course that it’s not only I who feel self-conscious in social situations but most people feel that way. It was the feeling that there's actually nothing wrong with me that's made the difference. That helped me to start to forget the painful things that harmed my confidence in the past.

Before Christmas, I went to the birthday party of a friend and as a result, I got invited to someone’s dinner party after chatting for some time with someone who seemed to really like me and said that I was fun!"

Read Claire's full story here


Estuardo Paz, 29, works as a data processor for a U.S. media company

"Before I feel all bad because I didn't make any friends. I wasn’t motivated to interact with people because I got depressed. Now I don't panic and can go on speaking until I create rapport.

Now I know that I can make a difference in people’s lives just by connecting with them and sharing what I am."

Read Estuardo's full story here


Richard, 29, is a mechanical engineer from Portugal

"I've read several things about improving social skills and most, by far, are very general, vague tips.

I have to congratulate you and Viktor. Some of the things you teach give what I call "aha moments" or "make me see the matrix". It's those bits of knowledge so well thought of that make you connect the dots."

Read Richard's full story here


Kaitlind lives and studies in Corona, California

"I've been homeschooled, so I didn't have very much social experience and I wasn't very good at making friends. I hardly had any friends. Almost a year ago, I started going to my church's huge youth group. As you can imagine, from my background, I got off to a bad start."

"Your concept of slowly going out of my comfort zone has really helped. I have more friends at my youth group than I thought I was capable of making."



"I find that people make an effort to talk to me now and ask me how I’m doing. I know that friendships take years to build, but this course definitely is putting me on the fast-track to do so. I now find small-talk with strangers, and bonding 1-on-1, to be effortless. There is a great improvement in group conversations as well.

This course is amazing and I 10/10 recommend it for anyone who has EVER been at a loss at what to say when conversing. This course holds all these social skills so many of us seem to just be missing. Thank you so much, David! Your product has revolutionized not only my social life but my life in general. Because life is about the connections and relationships you have, and now I know how to have some."

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