How to Get Past Boring Small Talk And Connect

How to be more interesting (if you don’t automatically get noticed)

How do you stand out and catch people’s interest if you’re not super charismatic or have an amazing life?

That’s what you learn in our course Invisible to Interesting.

This course is for you who…

  1. Feel like you aren’t interesting (and don’t automatically get noticed)
  2. Worry that you’ll bore or bother people
  3. Don’t know what to say, and because of that feel like you don’t have much of a personality
  4. Feel uncomfortable sharing about yourself
  5. Feel like you lack knowledge or experience, and don’t want to look stupid or like you don’t know stuff, so you avoid engaging in conversation
  6. Feel like you’re bragging when you do talk about your experiences

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  1. An old friend and I caught up with each other after a year and a half of not talking. I decided to try to test this method out in the conversation, and we actually had a long talk with eachother. We got sentimental at one point, and it actually felt pretty good.

  2. I have been social anxiety for a long time. I can never stop feeling awkward and opening up about wrong things. I am used to tell to people about too personal things. Which i felt dumb afterwards. What is your advice for my situation

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  5. wow, it is includable, Sir the video has taught us not to stop on small talk only. This is why have been always failing in connecting to others.

  6. How do I make friends with people at school if I’ve never really talked to them and I think I give up snobbish vibes. That’s the one thing stopping me.

  7. Well, the area I have a problem with when initiating conversations is that I run out of things to say or I don’t know I get nervous and there goes the awkward silence. Especially meeting new people.

  8. I am overjoyed that I stumbled across this website! I have struggled with social interactions since middle school and have thus experienced a distressing lack of friendships. As a result of your work here, I feel more confident while engaging in conversation.

    Many thanks,

  9. Hi,
    thank you for a great video. I know I am great at 1:1 conversations. But whenever it is more than 1 person in a room (dinner with 3 friends, party with 8 people or so) I become silent. The main reason I think is people interrupt sentences of each other but do that naturally and don’t even mind that. I am on another side, waiting kindly for the pause to be able to start talking. But as pause never happens, i am never able to join the conversation and then the topic turns to another topic, and its too late to say what I was wanted to say. How to be part of the discussion?

  10. Thank you for this inspiring advice… I’m soo tired of feeling like an alien… I’m already putting it into action and I believe it’s gonna have a major impact.
    Thanks, David

  11. Well…I suck at giving replies and the other person feels I’m bored when I’m actually not but can’t come up with a good/funny reply. (Mostly with my friends)

  12. What I’d like to improve:
    – Not having a monotone voice.
    – Better listening, and remembering, not interrupting.
    – Speaking more eloquently.
    – Telling stories in a more compelling manner.

  13. That is really good advice! I’m going to a party on Friday with some friends from school, and most of them, I haven’t seen all summer, so I’m gonna try this method, and let’s hope people don’t think I’m weird or not social!

  14. Hi
    Whenever I’m talking with one person or with a few people, I don’t stop thinking about where to look, and I barely focus on the conversation.
    My best conversations are over the phone, then I have no problem talking to anyone even for lengthy conversations.

  15. What I would like to get better when it comes to making conversation is establishing a connection with whomever I’m talking to.


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