Challenge: Do Something Exciting

Did you know that just by writing a goal down, you become 42% more likely to reach that goal?

Challenge: Write down one small step you could take in your next social interaction. It should be something that feels exciting, not terrifying.

Check the comments below for inspiration. If someone writes something you like, let them know in the comments that they have your support.


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  1. Next time I will be in a group conversation , I’ll try to participate by joining into it when it is the right time without making an awkward situation with my opinion.

  2. I would like to invite someone to hang out with I haven’t spent prolonged one-on-one time with before, and just be relaxed and enjoy the conversation.

  3. I would like to vibe with the moment and get the talking going on, take that step without letting my fear take over my thoughts and feelings and keep the person accompanied and also let them feel that they can connect with me.
    And also I would like to put that effort into my professional life and get going. one step at a time and do better for me and achieve all my goals and stay focused

  4. Hello David.
    I can converse beautifully online, but when it comes to being in a group setting, I seem to become tongue-tied. How can I overcome that? Regards Kal.
    P.S. Looking forward to your Awkward to Awesome.

  5. The next time I talk to someone I will try to make that person valuable by making a sincere compliment or thanked them for what they do or did, …

  6. Randomly putting in my voice in a conversation even though people would be surprised I suddenly spoke even after being with them from so long but never making them realize my presence

  7. At the moment I’m conjuring thoughts on how to answer the question” tell me something about yourself” in relation to an upcoming job interview and the alternative ” walk me through your resume” to sound more natural rather than redundant.


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