Free Video: How to Talk to People and Make Friends With Them

Enjoy this free video from our course “How to Talk to People and Make Friends With Them”.

The course is jam-packed with valuable videos like this one. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the full course:

Chapter 1: How to Talk to People Without Being Weird

  1. How to start a conversation (without being weird)
  2. What to say to get past the small talk (and start bonding)
  3. How to get a conversation going with someone (Without it feeling forced)
  4. How to make your conversations lead somewhere
  5. How to make conversation with someone you’ve talked to before

Chapter 2: Common Conversation Challenges

  1. How to always know how much to talk and how much to listen
  2. How to not suddenly be “weirdly talkative”
  3. How to be noticed in groups (and be part of the conversation)
  4. How to know if someone wants to keep talking with you
  5. How to avoid signaling romantic interest by mistake

Chapter 3: Getting Past Small Talk and Bonding

  1. How to go from small talk to personal conversation
  2. What to do if your conversations feel “forced”
  3. Four powerful get-to-know questions everyone should know
  4. How to find things in common with people
  5. Practical examples of how to make conversations with people and know what to say

Chapter 4: Conversation Anxiety and Awkwardness

  1. What to do if you mess up, say the wrong thing, or are awkward
  2. How to deal with awkward silence for good
  3. How to speak in an interesting and engaging manner
  4. What to do if you don’t know what someone talks about and feel dumb
  5. How to not blank out and always know what to say