FREE Sneak Peek of Self-Conscious to Confident

Enjoy this sneak peek video from Self-Conscious to Confident:


Some of the things I talk about in this video:

  • Our background and why we made this program.
  • The surprising findings of how insecure most people actually are
  • What methods DO and do NOT work to build self-confidence?
  • What results you can expect during these 60 days.

What results can you expect?

These are results that we see among our members.

After 7-14 days

You’re likely to experience some results already your first two weeks into the program.

  • It starts getting easier for you to “let go” of negative feelings. We accomplish this by tapping into powerful new methods from cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • We break down your doubts, self-criticism, or worries about “what others think”.
  • You start having a more realistic view of what people think of you. That makes everyday social interactions easier, warmer and more enjoyable.

Comments from members two weeks into the program:

“I was invited out to a BBQ by a friend I met recently. I didn’t feel like going at first because I won’t know anyone there, but later on thought about accepting the anxious feelings from the course and using your worse case scenario method.

I decided to go despite feeling uncomfortable and when I was introduced to others that my friend knew, I felt less nervous. After a while at the BBQ, I got more comfortable and enjoyed being there!”

– Anthony

I’m now heading in the right direction, and I feel like I’m not stuck and lost anymore. It’s like somebody has finally provided me with the instruction manual I needed all along!

– Amanda

After 30 days

  • Your results from the first weeks are growing permanent: You’ll notice how you can adopt them in the majority of situations.
  • You’ve been implementing several mindsets from naturally confident people that will create an overall improvement of your self-confidence.
  • You’ve developed a new relationship to your “inner critic” (You know – the irrational voice and feeling that you won’t succeed, that you aren’t worth it or that people don’t like you.) It’s still there, but it no longer controls you.
  • You can interact more effortlessly with people without worrying that they won’t accept you or like you.
  • You’ve started to improve your ability to connect with people.
  • Around this time, many members start to receive positive feedback from others. Warm smiles, compliments, and open arms.

Here’s what our member Oscar had to say about feedback he received from others:

“Here are some things that people have said about me that really warms my heart: ‘I leave you alone for 2 seconds and you have already made new friends’ ‘You are a good person and a true friend’ ‘He seems to be very self-confident and open with people – a person that is secure and comfortable in his own skin’”

– Oscar

“I can just do what I want to do and not feel worried”

Expecting that others will just like me allowed me to cut through doubts and worry about whether people like me or not.

Once that’s gone from my mind I can just do what I want to do and not feel worried. Making friends is much less complicated this way.

I went out with 2 colleagues and the more we bonded the positivity and playfulness increased. I was fully participating in the event and adding to it.

Thanks for that.”

– Jacob, Canada

After 60 days

You’re now through Self-Conscious to Confident! For some, these have been the 2 most transformational months of their lives. Here are the results you can expect after 60 days:

  • Even our members who don’t feel comfortable with their looks, career, or status often develop a core confidence.
  • You can strike up and maintain an interesting conversation with someone you like and make yourself memorable. That will also help you value yourself more.
  • You feel more at ease around people who previously intimidated you (People who are attractive, or dominant, or loud, or taller than you, or extrovert, etc).
  • You feel more at ease expressing yourself in group conversations.
  • You’ll start feeling excited, instead of stiff, talking to people you’re attracted to.
  • You feel more confident talking to someone you like.
  • You have an easier time connecting with others and making new friends.
  • Because you have more freedom to express yourself naturally, you become more interesting for others to talk to.

Maybe you’ve previously felt like a spectator, watching life pass you by. Now, you feel a sense of control and direction.

I’ll try to explain how Confident in 60 Days has helped me.

There are many changes in my behavior. Both when I talk to a person eye to eye, and in group. Also in how I perceive others, and how I think others perceive me.

I notice how I can listen more actively by using SAC. I understand others better and I feel calmer when I talk to others. I do not need to focus on what to say. I can be calm and more in the moment, just listening.

I’ve also noticed that I can actively change my behavior if I become uncertain in social settings.

By changing my thoughts on how others perceive me, I can be calmer and more myself in social contexts.

The exercises in the course has helped me understand that others do not judge me as hard as I think, and that others also have self-critical thoughts. That in turn means that I dare to take up more space, and also take more risks.

– Alfred

“I used to be so extremely self-critical, bashing myself with self-hate, which lead to that I avoided a lot of social situations.

Now I just enjoy them – and can feel genuine appreciation for being in social encounters with other people. (But I should mention that I started this work on myself back in October, but this program has really helped me do progress I thought was not possible).”

– Rattana

Long term results

You’ve integrated your own personalized system into your daily life. You can now enjoy the ride.

When you encounter obstacles in life, you know that you can always go back to our program for support.

  • You’ll feel comfortable in your own skin and you can be yourself fully. You don’t feel a need to change who you are to fit in.
  • You’re confident sharing your thoughts and ideas with others, even in groups.
  • Because of all the positive changes in your life, your self-esteem has grown stronger.
  • Rejection slides off of you like water on a duck’s back. You have internalized that it’s a part of life and you just keep going anyway.
  • You create relationships where you understand and accept each other fully. You can be 100% honest with your friends and resolve any issues easily because you respect each other.
  • You can face everyone around you as your true self, brightening their day with your natural and fun comments or spontaneous kindnesses. Seeing others smile at you makes you happier as well.
  • You can set boundaries and deal with conflicts when you have to.
  • You’ll see strangers as friends you just don’t know yet, so you can approach them with ease. You’ll see how this has a magnetic effect on people around you.
  • You get more out of everything you do because you can enjoy the moment instead of worrying about what others think.
  • You can be more assertive and focused on achieving what you really want in your life. This helps you to go for opportunities you thought were impossible in the past.
  • Fully being yourself makes you a more attractive person.
  • You bring out the best in people you meet. Your relaxed manner makes others at ease and your daily interactions become more fun.

Seeing where our members started off and where they are now is the reason I can give you such a detailed picture of what your progress can look like.

“This program has been so great. Thank you so much. I’ve learned so much and my mind-set has actually changed. I genuinely enjoy meeting people. I feel like social situations are rewarding and not something to survive.

I am able to connect much better now. I feel confident, most of the time, and when I don’t I have strategies to help me.

Game-changer! ?”

– Oscar