Reviews of Awkward to Awesome

Many tiny steps can make you go a long way.

July 4, 2023

I really like how David emphasises taking small steps. And that smaller steps together make big steps etc. The examples he give are very achievable.

Over the last week, I’ve acted out some of the examples and can honestly say that they are actually not as scary as I thought and I feel that people are responding to me more positively. This in turn is giving me more confidence to continue and go further.



June 5, 2023

I think it really highlights everything I never knew went into social interaction. I thought it was just something we either chose to do or not. I realize now it was never that simple because I didn’t understand how much went into putting people at ease. It brings me such pain that I was unintentionally making people feel angry or distraught in their interactions with me when I never understood how socializing actually worked.



January 10, 2023

David has truly made a study of human interaction and he expresses the principles involved so well. This is invaluable, especially for young people who are still building confidence. I WISH I had seen something like this when I was younger. It would have prevented years of needless self-criticism.